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                                         The Dream Chaser Team


Street Dog Digs (SDD) exists to provide high-quality hip apparel, supplies, and gifts for the groovy pet owner.  Our primary focus is on giving back to organizations and communities that are working towards a better life for our furry friends.


SDD, an event vendor, donates 10% of sales back to the animal-related sponsors at events we attend. In addition we use a large portion of our online proceeds to help with organizations we are working with.  So, no matter how you chose to spend your money with SDD, whether at an event or online, you are helping to create a more pet-friendly nation for our furry friends.


Separate from our retail efforts, SDD also is developing into a viable and strong resource for rescue organizations and animal shelters.  As Rosco and I travel, we visit and volunteer at different animal organizations where we collect an abundance of information and best practices.  Our dream and focus is to spread this information and these best practices in order to impact as many rescue groups and animal shelters as possible.  Everyone has a place in this worthwhile cause of providing better care for our pets and homes for our homeless buddies.  Rosco and I feel that the strongest impact we can provide is by helping the current and future organizations become more efficient and more sustainable in their day to day operation.


With over 20 years of leadership, team development, organizational development, small business ownership, and problem solving for companies, I can now combine my learned skills and deep passion for animals to create the perfect organization to help others help animals.


Rosco has his place working with dogs that are timid or not well socialized.  Being a street dog himself, he had to learn a multitude of things about being social.  He had to learn how to play with other dogs, he had to learn how to travel, and he even had to learn how to simply walk on a leash and allow someone to touch him.  Now, from time to time, Rosco gets to work with dogs who are much like he once was... dog that are getting use to all the humanness that is now in their life.


What a win-win for everyone!  I love helping people succeed in their lives and careers, but when you couple that with them winning at saving the lives of animals...well, it just doesn't get any better than that!


For more information on how SDD can help your organization email:


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